nielsen industries innovative dairy equipment

Manufacturer of Self-Locking Stanchions, Cow Wash Systems, Corrals, Rubber Flooring Products, Water Troughs, Mineral Boxes and More!

Nielsen Industries manufactures the safest, strongest most reliable self-locking stanchions made! Offering Features, NO other Manufacturer can offer!

A new training feature allows a stanchion-shy cow or heifer to enter and feed without being intimidated by the moving rocker.

This is accomplished by simply placing the stationary pipe into the training position until the cow becomes accustomed to feeding through the stanchion.

Other features that are attained by lifting the stationary pipe are:

  • A safe combination release for a downed cow.
  • A quick and convenient means for a person to step through the stanchion.
  • An alternative means for ejecting the cow from that of the latch.
  • A wide opening for a bull to feed through.
  • Our stanchions do not train your cows to lock themselves out, as the rock-over stanchions do.
  • Patented, self-lubricating rocker bearing.

In addition to these features, with the NIELSEN design you have no exposed moving parts. Operator can safely work through or over the top.